Päivitetty: 24.05.2018

The Personal Data Act (523/99) § 10 and 24) and General Data Protection Law (GDPR) (2016/679)

1. Controller of the personal data file CYF Digital Services, Choose Your Future
SparkUp, Tykistökatu 4 B
20520 TurkuBusiness ID 2761064-2
2. Contact person of the personal data file Soile Puranen
Business Development Manager, CYF Digital Services
040 513 5545
3. Name of the register My mobile tutor User Registry
4. The purpose of processing personal data Personal data is used for
• User authorization in service
• Making it possible to contact users of servicePersonal data in the log files of the server is used for
• Monitoring the load and capacity of the server and the network
• Working out technical problems and investigating abuse of the service
• Tracking user activity
5. Information content of the register Following information is fetched from University of Turku through HAKA login process:
Students• first name, last name, email address, home organisation
• student number, educational programEmployees of University of Turku:• first name, last name, email address, home organization, title
6. Storage period of personal data Personal data is stored until you have not used the service for 18 months.
7. Regular sources of information User registration system HAKA
8. Regular transfer of personal data to third parties Personal information will stay within CYF Digital Services and partner organization and won’t be transferred to third parties.

Information can be used for data analysis and reports, but individual user information will stay anonymous.

9. Information transfer outside EU and ETA Personal information won’t be transferred outside EU and ETA areas.
10. Principles of protecting personal data In the network SSL technology is used to protect personal data. In the service the personal data file is protected by personal user accounts and authorisation of administrators.

Whereas we will protect this information to the best of our ability this cannot be guaranteed and in the event of a data breach the appropriate authorities will be informed and this will be notified to those affected.

11. Right of access personal data on him/her To check what personal data is stored about you, contact the contact person above.
12. Rectification Contact the contact person above to correct personal data.


My mobile tutor uses HAKA service to enable users to login. Please see HAKA (CSC) Privacy Policy https://www.csc.fi/customer-register-privacy-policy.