Terms of service of My Mobile Tutor for University of Turku


Service provider in control of personal data:                CYF Digital Services

Privacy Policy for My Mobile Tutor:                               Privacy Policy

A user of the service accepts these terms when downloading and using the My Mobile Tutor service. The service provider has the right to change these terms without prior notice. The user accepts these rights when using the service. Up-to-date terms are always available for a user to read in the My Mobile Tutor – User account section.

Collection of personal data is described in more detail in our Privacy Policy. The user must read this Policy before using the service.

The user must keep the username and password strictly confidential from outsiders. The user is responsible for all use of the service done by his / her username. The user is responsible for any damage done to the service provider, to other users and third parties. The service provider may remove the inappropriate content and, in serious cases, in serious provide the content to authorities.

Service provider gives access rights to My Mobile Tutor. All rights to the service remain with the service provider. Copying, modifying, distributing, and storing content or part of service is prohibited.

Access rights are granted only to the user, and this right may not be transferred to third parties. The granted access right is non-exclusive and non-removable.

The service uses cookies and other similar tracking technologies for monitoring network usage and to ease the use of service. A cookie is a short text file stored to user’s hard drive or in a mobile device’s memory. With cookies, service provider is able to develop the service  more user-friendly. The user can also block the cookies, but in this case all mobile service functions may not be working properly.

The service provider has the right to use information related to the use of service, serviceability or usability for the development of service development and maintenance. The service provider has a right to use this information to develop new systems and to create new service models or functionalities, to use them in business or to seek legal protection for them. This information does not include personal identification information and will be used in anonymous form.

The service provider does not guarantee that the service can be used without interruption or error. The service is provided to the user in the form in which it is currently available. The service provider reserves the right to make changes to the service or restrict access to the service at any time. The service provider is not responsible for the usability, availability or error of service.